Eva Ballo och Rina Eide Løvaasen


We blow bubble gum
like architects, to build spaces for
interwoven events. Ubiquitous by nature,
and visible by illumination. Elusive rays
travel by pulsation. Ride them across time.
Pop glitter pills to its rhyme. Then digest,
in an attempt to become just as bright.
To overrule insight. Thus be withheld in the
tension between the inner turn
them inside out
to expose pleasure
and when not abused
is hovered by a stream of moon jellies. See
through, but not transparent. A Blend Of 
Mauve In Our Mint Condition. Maintain it
longer. Build it stronger.

Eva Ballo is showing a site-specific work consisting of a spatial textile construction integrated with found and sculpted objects and a fabric costume. In this constellation of props and space she makes a room for dithering, fiddling and idling thoughts concerning the secret act of having ones hand in a pocket.

Rina Eide Løvaasen’s monumental oil painting is shown behind two-way mirrors facing the street, from where the work’s inhibiting nature can be seen as programmed lights travel over the canvas. Covering up the whole window, this is still is minor share of the work, as the 22sqm canvas manifests itself in the room in an organic installation. Merging extensive contexts with unavailability Rina wants to set the tension between the constant need for a complete overview and the fatale by knowing it all.

2015.04.29 -> 2015.05.22